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Recipes >> Christmas >> Portuguese Octopus Stew

Portuguese Octopus Stew Recipes

Portuguese Octopus Stew is a very spicy, tasteful, tantalizing, tempting recipe.It's very delicious and yummy recipe. Just follow our quicker and easier method to make / Prepare Portuguese Octopus Stew and enjoy this luscious, mouth watering recipe. Let’s learn how to make/prepare Portuguese Octopus Stew by following this easy recipe.

• 2½ pounds thawed or fresh Octopus (eyes and mouth removed)
• 1 cup White/Red Wine
• 1 tbsp Coarse Salt
• ½ tsp ground White/Black Pepper
• 4-5 tbsp crushed Red Pepper Paste
• 2 Bay Leaves
• ½ cup Olive Oil (as needed)
• 2 medium Onions (coarsely chopped)
• 2 heads Garlic (coarsely chopped)
• Big handful of Flat Leaf Parsley (chopped)
• 4 medium Potatoes (peeled, cut in 1½-inch pieces)
• Cornstarch Slurry (1 tbsp cornstarch mixed with 2 tbsp water)

How to make Portuguese Octopus Stew:
Cut the octopus into 2-inch pieces and place in a bowl.
Flavor with salt and pepper.
Add wine, pepper paste, and bay leaves. Turn the pieces to coat evenly, cover and chill overnight.
Keep the marinade aside and transfer octopus pieces into another separate bowl.
Heat enough olive oil to fry the onions until golden. There should be a brown caramelized coating on the bottom of the skillet.
Add garlic and parsley. Mix.
When the garlic turns aromatic, add the octopus.
When it starts to take on some color, reduce the heat to medium-low and let it release water for 30 minutes.
Add potatoes and continue to cook on medium-low for another 30 minutes.
Squeeze through your fingers and check whether it is tender or not. Let it cook till it becomes soft.
Anytime the liquid looks like it is evaporating, add the reserved marinade in small amounts.
Thicken the liquid with cornstarch slurry. If you overcook it, it will shrink to almost nothing but if you don cook it enough, it will be tough.
Serve hot.
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